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Why Choose Us?


We’re a team of developers based in Luxembourg with combined decades of experience
building software, platforms, and apps.


As full-fledged tech professionals, we own the process from start to finish: from the initial user research to validate a project’s feasibility, to a product’s deployment and further optimization.


Our goal is to build novel, convenient, and tailor-made tech solutions that boost connection and engagement for our clients.


To achieve this, we only rely on the most relevant frameworks and languages in the current landscape, such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, NestJS, Kafka, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, React.js, React Native, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, Rest, and GraphQL APIs, Single and Multi-tenant Architecture for SaaS, Kubernetes, Docker.


We like for projects to feel like a collaborative effort with our clients. As such, we’ll involve you in our process as much as you feel comfortable with, from start to finish.

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